Could chronic illness merely be a case of “low voltage”?

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THIS Doctor is proven that healing happens when you increase your body’s VOLTAGE!

When you think about keeping your cells healthy, a common fact known by many today is that cells, by design, run optimally at 7.35 to 7.45. What you may not be aware of is that PH describes voltage in a liquid. But the PH or (potential hydrogen) means more than you think.

Your cells need between -20 and minus 25 millivolts (mV) to maintain the health of your cells. But, to make NEW cells that work, you need – 50 millivolts of electron donor status. So, what the heck is that?

Dr. Jerry Tennant is a brilliant Ophthalmologist best know for a technology called VISX. VISX is a Lasik technology, and Dr. Tennant was the first person to implant a cornea in a human.

While attempting to remove some scarring on a man’s cornea, fluid got behind Dr. Tennants’ mas and hit his nose and, subsequently, he contracted encephalitis.

Dr. Tennant would spend the next seven years in bed, often sleeping 16 hours a day. The spastic movement he experienced forced him to cease performing surgery for obvious reasons. He could barely think straight.

During the two hours a day he COULD think, he tried to figure out how to help himself, so he bought a few Cell Biology textbooks. Something he had not read in decades. He knew that if he could make ONE cell work, he could make them all work.

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Gregg Braden gives keen insight on your true human potential.

It was these textbooks that would lead him to not only a cure for his condition but an entirely new perspective on health — chronic disease low voltage.

You can hear watch his lecture at the Electric Universe conference here, or here my short video on raising your voltage and supercharging your “battery packs.:

My short video gives a few short tips based on his work and that of others.

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